This is a book that I feel myself far from being capable to provide a insightful review. Jordan says things way better than I could ever possibly do. The discussions on each of the twelve rules in the book go way beyond the rules themselves, and in each of them Jordan goes into his deepest and most profound thoughts. Jordan takes the reader to an exciting excursion into his thought process and really elaborately explains the points he wants to deliver. He also demonstrates via his own writing what it is like to be true to oneself.

For me personally, reading this book is hard, not only in an English language sense. Well, the English in this book is indeed a little above my level. I sometimes have to look up words and occasionally reread sentences or even paragraphs to follow the thought process. However, I think another reason this book is a hard reading for me is due to its many biblical, political, and cultural references that were unfamiliar to me. As my Goodreads record shows, I spent a total of 5 months reading this book (on and off, now and then). Yet, the time spent on reading this book is absolutely worth it.

The reading of this book in the past few months correlates with the most difficult times in my life so far. In the past few months, I’ve experienced the happiest moment of my life, and then things turned downhill at a speed I couldn’t even imagine today. I’ve encountered incidents that almost made me fell into depression. I’ve made the hardest decision to give up something that I once deemed the utmost valuable pursuit in my life. My hope towards this pursuit rollercoastered from the highest point to the lowest, with a few tumbles at the bottom and finally crashed. I’ve also faced unpleasant incidents or false accusations that directly and indirectly affected my career plan. They all happened in a few months time. And I endured. Thanks to Jordan, and thanks to this book. Even at the darkest moments in my life, I was not defeated. Just because at the same time I was reading words from Jordan’s book, that point me to the right decisions and mindset, and give me power to journey on. The suffering is ongoing, but I am very confident to face everything and work out the best solution I can, so as to bring the world (or at least people and things around me, and myself) to a better state.

There are a couple more stories I wanted to share in this book review blog post, to show how much the points delivered in this book echo what I’ve experienced. Yet after writing the above paragraph, I suddenly realized that I don’t really need to write them down for this post to look more complete or have “real meat” for my readers. If anything, the point that resonates with me the most at this moment is, I find myself to have become a person who dares to be true to myself, and dares to candidly speak with myself.