I recently grew into a big fan of Serif’s Affinity Designer. It is a vector drawing application that is acclaimed to be the Adobe Illustrator replacement. That is a little bit over-exaggeration in my opinion, but not too much. Moreover, as an amateur who barely knows anything about digital drawing, I am instantly on-boarded with Affinity Designer because everything in it is simply so intuitive that there is almost zero “learning the tool” needed. The process to turn a drawing in my mind into digital form has never been so easy and straightforward for me.

In my daytime job, I often need to draw a few diagrams that involves Amazon AWS services. Affinity Designer is easily a killer app for such a purpose. When it comes to include some AWS icons into my diagram, while Affinity Designer works great with .svg files, it would be much nicer if I can directly drag an icon out of the Asset panel from within Affinity Designer.

For this reason, I created the Affinity Designer Asset for AWS Simple Icons. In the Github page, I noted some production notes for this file. Go grab it if you need it! I created the Asset mostly by hand-copy-and-paste. If you are aware of better ways of producing this, or even automate the whole process, please don’t hesitate to let me know!