It has been a while since I posted last. I almost forgot how to use Jekyll to generate this site. Luckily I’ve got a post before. To keep this post short, I’ll simply highlight a few events this year.

In spring of this year, my wife and I moved to a new place into the suburban area. It took a bit longer to commute to work, it took some more time to maintain, but it feels a lot more like a home than what an apartment in the city does. I’ve got a new car as well at the same time.

In August, to celebrate our anniversary, my wife and I road-tripped across Oregon. We started out from Washington, drove all the way down along the coast, visited quite a few state parks, reached as south as the crater lake national park, and drove up back along I5 and visited a few cities. Portland, among others, is definitely a place that is worth revisiting.

Lastly, up till this point of the year, I believe I am doing well with my job as well as with my colleagues. I am very happy to have a wonderful team as I am having now. In the rest of the year will be foreseeably busy, and I need to deliver a couple commitments. On the bright side, this is a good sign that I am tasked with more projects,taking more reponsibility in my team, and more trusted.

One month and a half to go till we are in 2017!