Most Drivers Say They Wouldn’t Feel Safe in a Self-Driving Car

I don’t feel safe either. I am not a control-freak. I am just normal. I wouldn’t risk my life as a data point in the statistics.

Microsoft officially kills its Android app porting tool

In quite many standards, Microsoft’s thunder back in the 80’s and 90’s has been stolen. Microsoft seems to have lost its edge in nearly everywhere but the corporate world, where it’s Office, Sharepoint, etc. dominate. Otherwise, it now looks like an average competitor. It is a pity that the Android app porting tool is killed. It makes Microsoft lose more developers that are willing to take advantage of the great platform the company provided. If more and more developers leave the Microsoft campaign trail, there wanes the Microsoft eco-system. The thought that the once giant would in one day become mediocre is scary.

Activision Blizzard Closes Its $5.9B Acquisition Of King, Makers Of Candy Crush

This new sounds very familiar. Zynga has bought a company called OMGPop, producer of the once popular Draw Something, for $200 million, and their stock has flat-lined at an extremely low value.

What’s similar here is that, both OMGPop and King are famous for only one game (to be technically correct, they produce many games, but with only one hit).

What’s the difference then? (1) The purchase price of King is 29 times higher. This is partly because King has cunningly IPO’ed before selling, so their valuation is inflated. This is a huge risk factor for Blizzard as they obviously over paid. (2) Blizzard, as compared to Zynga, excels in games that are last century. StarCraft, WarCraft, etc., are good names for players who grew up from the 80’s and 90’s, but not necessarily for the millennials. This makes it hard for Blizzard to grow their player base. The huge amount of acquisition is very likely for King’s player base, but Blizzard may find it hard for these players to get into their own games.

Fingers crossed for Blizzard’s future growth.

UK carrier Three to block ads at the network level

It all depends on the purpose. If they are to extort payment from advertisers, then they are evil. If they really are striving to provide an ad-free web, then it is a great attempt.

CenturyLink joins Comcast in bringing data caps to home internet

This practice that reverses the current trend of streaming everything will eventually get the greedy companies bitten. Exercising the oligopoly power inevitably puts these companies enemy of their daily users.

Can We Turn Our Dreams Into Watchable Movies?

I want this! No… I don’t. I want this! No… I don’t. I want this! No… I don’t. I want this! No… I don’t. I want this! No… I don’t. No… I really don’t.

Porsche CEO says ‘iPhone belongs in your pocket, not on the road’, dismissing autonomous car future

I purely agree. Cars are a transportation tool, not a multimedia/telecommunication center. Features letting you to listen to radios are purely to keep you awake and alert, but to distract you. Any feature more than navigation is not necessarily beneficial.

Twitter Execs Are Annoyed At Facebook For Referring To Them As “Social Media”

The wind changes direction now and then. Facebook totally trumps Twitter now.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Timeline Will Stay In Real Time

The reason that I visit Facebook much less often is just that it hijacks my timeline to display ads. If twitter does so, I’d definitely stop using it.

Another big fund has lost faith in Dropbox and cut its valuation by half

By every standard Dropbox is a great tool–when it is free. At the end of the day, you gain a certain level of convenience at the cost of your privacy and monthly payment, and nothing more. Don’t dream that you would never lose your data by paying them each month, because their EULA does not promise you not to lose your data.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff predicts ‘a lot of dead unicorns’ and cheap startups to buy

I cannot predict how bad it will be, but I’d expect another round of bubbles bursting. The previous item on Dropbox is such a hint.