O’Connor v. Uber: Why the days of driver ‘flexibility’ are already numbered

Up till today I still cannot understand why some people want to be flexible to work for Uber only at times by their will and be regarded as full-time employees. Something does not add up here.

This Is Why Facebook Thinks You Have 46-Year Friendships

If Facebook were a bank and they messed up with clients’ accounts, they will be sued for sure. Now it becomes another PR event. But, at the very bottom, how hard indeed is it for the engineers at Facebook, who reportedly are paid well over $100,000, not to mess up?

Facebook accused of deliberately breaking some of its Android apps

Fanatic A/B testing lover.

More Chinese supply chain reports claim Apple has dropped the 3.5 mm headphone jack for iPhone 7, will rely on wireless

Sounds like a horrible move. I’d rather get a iPhone 6S next time I need to upgrade my iPhone.

A lead developer just quit bitcoin, saying it ‘failed’

Just as paper notes have to be attached to GDP at the end of the day to have their value, bitcoins’s value is, attached to the computing power used to generate bitcoins. Because of this, there is no doubt that bitcoin would eventually fail, but probably not now.

Yahoo’s Brain Drain Shows a Loss of Faith Inside the Company

I have an idea. Yahoo awed the world in the early days by providing a universal directory of the internet, but they totally have lost it with the hit from Google. However it doesn’t devalue the directory at all. On the contrary, it makes it more valuable. Many a time I wished I could just found what I wanted to by following a guided path down, when ending up with nearly useless searches simply because of all the internet noise. I do not know if Yahoo still deem this as their core business, but definitely a useful one.

Twitter wants to let brands use your happy thoughts to sell products

If your tweets are used and you are not paid, probably you’re being used as a Twitter product and not being served as a Twitter customer.

Deals: Adobe Ink & Slide at 85% off

If you forgot how much it costed here is a reference: $199. Early adopters were purely victims of the Adobe marketing scheme. Hope they have earned what they spent already.

Ad-block software is approaching 200 million users — here’s how publishers are reacting

With the failure of Apple iAd program, probably Apple should take side with the opposite: spend some money to introduce an ad-free Safari and disrupt the world-wide web with a purely awesome ad-free experience. That’ll make a better life for every creature on earth.

Donald Rumsfeld releases solitaire app

At first look I thought he picked up his childhood dream to be a programmer (if so, congrats), but it seems not. He’s simply selling his name as a brand for a new game. Somebody please tell me if the game is good?