So I updated the default fonts for the blog. It turns out to be quite easy. In css/main.sass, a few variables such as $base-font-family are defined. If they are defined to be a customized font-face using the following syntax:

$base-font-family: 'TanglewoodTalesNF', serif;

where the font TanglewoodTalesNF is defined as

@font-face {
    font-family: 'TanglewoodTalesNF';
    src: url("TanglewoodTalesNF.ttf") format("truetype");

then they can be used just as any fonts available in the system. Of course, the font files must exist in the path (where the sass is, or use an absolute path).

Currently the fonts used on this site are

  • Libre Baskerville for the text,
  • Tanglewood Tales NF for the title, and
  • default for the code (for now).

The font files are 138KB in total. Hope they are not causing too much burden to your browsing experience. These may get changed in future.