Amazon Fire Phone

Tweetdeck vulnerability found by teen trying to code emoji heart

This reminds me of software testing. A test suite is only as good as what it tests. Therefore, even achieving 100% test coverage doesn’t mean 100% secure.

This Chrome extension kills website overlay popups

Bravo for the developer’s idea, I really need one for Safari as well. However, the implementation seems weird: I have to click the extension button, near the end of the address bar, in order to kill the overlay. Isn’t this to move my mouse further than reaching the “X” button usually appearing inside the overlay? It would be fantastic that these overlays can be killed automatically. And preferrably, the extension can provide a whitelist for sites that are actually using the popups in a fair way.

Ideo Releases A New Photoshop For Interaction Design

Seems worth a try [].

Adobe launches Creative Cloud hardware-software combo for drawing on-the-go

This post suddenly reminds me of something: if a product (or more specifically, its pricing) doesn’t sound right to me, it probably is not designed for me. I am not an artist, and the closest Adobe product that relates to me would probably be Adobe Reader, which I now have good substitutes as well. I have previously commented negatively about subsription pricing models in general. Yet what I have seen is that, more and more “traditional software” are adopting this model. I haven’t subsribed to any of the yet, but it may be time for me to rethink whether this model is goting to succeed or not. But one thing for sure for now is, the fact that more and more companies are adopting this model does not justify its correctness.

Fleksy Messenger puts a useable touchscreen keyboard on Samsung’s Gear 2 smart watch

Sorry, won’t buy. I mean any of them: Samsung’s gadgets (most likely Android-based), smart watches, messenger app from a lesser known company, or a full-keyboard app on such a small screen. Still awaiting some revolution in the area of text input for wearables.

Yo is a real app that lets you send “yo” to your friends and nothing else

So I just checked how it is like today. Doesn’t seem like anyone would buy it with $5 million and time soon, as the quoted article feared. Was it over-hyped?

Stamplay: An easy, IFTTT-like way to create your own Web apps

Their website looks awesome with carefully crafted presentatation… until I saw the words “Try it for free. No credit cards.” Nonetheless, I do think this type of service would become popular in the future. At the very bottom, it provides a means for people with great ideas not to be held back by the technical barriers.

Amazon’s new Fire Phone is a 4.7-inch device with 3D effects

In retrospect, this Fire Phone does not seem to reach the market as well as expected. However, bravo for the talents who decide to create new features rather than following the steps of the giants and make profits with no innovation.

Flipboard updated with huge redesign, new “Daily Edition” feature, and more

I have once told a friend that the ads presented in Flipboard are the only ones with accepted format: if I don’t want to see them, I could dismiss them with another flip (a split second action). (The next runner-up are some Youtube ads that allow you to skip after 5 seconds.) I hope these are kept along the ways the two apps are developing. As for the other features, I don’t really care that much.

Former Google+ employee: We f***ed up

I cannot say much about it as I do not use Google+. The reason that I do not use it is that only one of my hundreds of friends use it. Only one.

Google Glass future clouded as some early believers lose faith

I had this post in my list for comment, most likely that I want to repeat myself about the bad design. So I’ll skip that for this other one.

Zuckerberg is on shaky ground criticizing Apple’s business model

While I recently have increased complaints about Apple’s products and services, but I am not for Facebook either. The business model of Facebook seems to be ads only, which I hate. And in order to show more ads that Facebook thinks “relevant” to me, it has messed up my timeline for a couple of times in the past. What’s worse, although Facebook provides dozens of ways for you to customize your sexuality, it does not allow you to easily customize what’s shown on your timeline. All for the purpose of showing their ads to you. Every change that Facebook brings about, if you think it’s weird, think with this mindset: The Future of the Internet Is Still Ads — And You’re the Inventory.

Media Stocks Slammed As Pay TV Bundle Starts Unravelling

I forsee a day when all cable is completely free. It is still full of ads, and the programs that you like are sliced into even smaller chunks for interjecting ads. That is the day that cable companies start to fail, forever.

Identity Theft Victims Face Months Of Hassle

So would there be a service to help people go through all of the hassles after a identity theft? Other than the tricky part that you would trust them with your private personal ID information, wouldn’t this be an ideal business?

Why Airlines Hate Hidden City Ticketing (and Maybe You Should Too)

The rationale for airlines to provide this loophole in ticket pricing doesn’t sound very convincing to me. Yet, whether utilizing this loophole is ethical is an interesting debate.