Mod Notebooks

Weekly Innovation: Paper Notebooks That Become Digital Files

I’d say this is really a good choice for paper notebook lovers like me. Very likely make a purchase.

Threadable’s Mailing List For Teams Makes Your Inbox Less Noisy

Not sure what this business is about. If it is by reading every one of my email and decide where to show the message according to some “smart” algorithms the service provides, I’d probably avoid using it in the first place.

Twitter’s latest experiment hints that it will remove @ replies from its service

I am sure there will be many users as I am who will feel strange if it is removed. It is true that “scaffolding” may put new users off, but if @ replies and hashtags are removed, then is Twitter still Twitter?

Microsoft makes MS-DOS and Word for Windows source code public

It would be much better to release the document formats for Microsoft Word. There are so so much trouble created by the occult Word format in version 97.

Experimental Gmail feature shows promotional emails as a grid of images

Google is good at changing a good service worse and worse, for purposes that may or may not finally work. E.g., previously forcibly integrating Google plus and Google Hangouts into the Gmail user interface.

One-Third Of iPhone Users Would Shell Out $100 For Bigger Display

What are the percentages of users who do not care a bigger display, and those who would not think paying an additional $100?

Candy Crush maker’s shares collapse after IPO

Expected as I posted last time. There may be disagreement that thinks King is different, but the key thing is whether King can make a next hit as soon as possible to keep the momentum that Candy Crush and the IPO have created.

Why Is Facebook Page Reach Decreasing? More Competition And Limited Attention

This article has a very clear explanation of what Facebook is doing (and why) behind the scenes by hijacking your news feed. It is not enough only understand that “Facebook is about to connect people,” but that Facebook is essentially sacrificing its users’ freedom to generate ad revenues.

The Mobile Browser Is Dead, Long Live The App

I still believe that mobile browser takes an great portion of device usage time. The numbers in this article is informative.

Top-five paid app on Google Play was an antivirus scam

This might be simply a prank for April Fool’s Day. But it reflects the fact that Google Play lacks regulation, and how Google is unwilling to take the responsibility. This is partly the reason that Android marketplaces, including Google Play, are this frustrating.

Scramble to fix huge ‘heartbleed’ security bug

The key point is in fact not how severe the bug is, but that how long it has passed since the introduction of the bug and its final revelation. In this particular case, more than three years.

Kuo: Apple to Release Slew of Products in Second Half of 2014

If the price tag for the iWatch is really near $1000, then I seriously doubt if iWatch can help Apple dominate the smart watch market as iPhone did for the smart phone market.