Flappy Bird Clones

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Explains The Surprising Goal Of His New Company, Jelly

I believe this was a good idea to really promote inter-personal relationships that SNS should have done so for a long time, until I realize that it can too be used by marketers in various ways. Yield room in my iPhone please.

Coder defeats Snapchat’s anti-bot system in less than an hour

Smart and smarter.

Watch Out Tumblr, Pinterest Now Supports GIFs

This should have long been the case. I still do not know why Pinterest does not support GIFs in the first place. It is also satisfying to see that my GIFs uploaded before this work well too.

Watch Steve Jobs demonstrate the Macintosh to the public for the first time

Capability to be a salesman is the key.

Why Wearable Devices Will Never Be As Disruptive As Smartphones

I agree with every single point made in this article. Very likely I will pass the fuss about smart watches altogether.

App wants to print and send your photos for free

Brilliant idea. I just wonder if the model can really support the business and bring profits. Definitely will look back at this some time later.

Lenovo To Buy Motorola Mobility From Google For $2.91 Billion

I do not really think this is an intelligent move, since many of the worthy stuff, such as the patents, are kept by Google in this purchase. What’s sold was actually the overweighted body that does not produce profit.

Jony Ive disappears from Apple’s online executive list (Update 2x: Back, PR comment)

Huge fuss even if there is only small change in Apple’s website. It turns out that it was only a small “glitch” during the website maintenance. Whew!

Apple and Google are fighting ‘Flappy Bird’ clones

If you’ve not heard the word Shanzhai, you are definitely way too outdated and should learn it now.

‘AirPlay Recorder’ App Lets Mac Users Save Songs From iTunes Radio

I do not think Apple can let this app live long. Although this is like recording TV programs on your own, the content distributors will very quickly become furious if they stop seeing sales from other venues.

Alarming Study Shows How Your Mac’s Camera Can Secretly Spy On You

Creepy. But this provides an example why it is not necessary to (and you should not) make some firmware programmable in the first place.

With Chromebooks A Success, Google Adds Focus On Chromeboxes

This article reads strange. Oh I found why, who validates the claim that “with Chromebooks a success…” in the first place?