4.6 million Snapchat phone numbers and usernames leaked

Wait… why should I bother? I never have tried Snapchat yet.

Eric Schmidt admits Google missed on social & says it’s his fault

Google has an extremely long list of failed attempts at social networks. And even when Eric admits it’s his fault, he has not pinpointed why it has failed. I personally do not see Google plus promising either.

New Gmail messaging feature causes privacy concerns

This feature has been attacked a lot ever since it is announced. In light of the above news, it can be viewed as a hijack of Gmail users to the airplane of Google plus, which is definitely a bad move.

Internet ad sales climb to $10.7 billion

It would be informative if there is a comparison with ad sales on traditional media, such as newspapers/magazines, street, TV, etc.

Jailbreak team Evasi0n drops Chinese app store Taig after backlash

It is like marriage. You can never see a person through before getting the marriage certificate.

NSA’s ANT Division Catalog of Exploits for Nearly Every Major Software/Hardware/Firmware

No matter what technology you have, it is not the silver bullet in front of politics.

NSA ‘developing code-cracking quantum computer’

This reminds me of the time I did my undergrad diploma thesis when the most advanced quantum computer back then was able to factor 15 = 3 × 5.

Droplr’s rapid file sharing service goes pay-only

I still do not understand the incentive for such changes in business models. But let’s wait and see.

Beyond Chromebooks: How Google could make almost everyone a Chrome OS user

I do not see the dominance of the Chrome family in the near future.

Apple announces App Store sales top $10 billion in 2013, $1 billion in December alone

That is a lot. I have contributed about 0.0000005% for that.

More Than 11 Million Young People Have Fled Facebook Since 2011

I may not belong to the “young people” group, but I am done with Facebook too.

Facebook sued for allegedly intercepting private messages

I knew it. But I do not care. Facebook for me is now more about a book of faces.