I’ve got an iPad mini with retina display for my Thanksgiving holiday. It is simply fabulous, considering I never owned any of an iPad and was transferring from a discontinued Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I now am trying to move some of my less crucial work on to this iPad mini, for example, blogging.


First off, I have a wireless bluetooth keyboard at my disposal. It was purchased for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but never put into good use. Typing with the external keyboard is a productivity boost in many ways. One thing that I don’t think I could do with the iPad only is to delete a whole word before the cursor.

Secondly, I found the WordPress app for iPad usable–I am using it right now for this post. In deed, all I need is just to type some text and insert a few links or photos. Copying a link from Safari and pasting it into the app is all what I have to do.

Also, in a previous post, I mentioned that I have moved my content management system into Evernote and created a what I called DEPP system, and have set up quite a few IFTTT recipes to speed up things. Another thing I’ve setup with the DEPP system is that there is a dedicated notebook for random thoughts that I can extend to a blog post. That is very handy thanks to the sleek design of the Evernote app for the iPad.

Two small problems with the app are that, inserting links to my previous posts is not that easy compared what I have to do on the computer, and similarly for inserting images. — Although both are achievable. For links to previous posts, I have to browser with Safari and then copy and paste the link. For images, when I quite the editing mode, there is a small button to let me choose pictures from my photo library.

All in all, blog posting without my Macbook is not quite a problem now, especially for short notes. Hope I could post more to keep up with my (long-overdue) weekly posting plan.