This is my reading notes to the paper Data Logger For Medical Device Coordination Framework. It basically consists of partial excerpts that I am interested in this paper.

Author: Karthik Gundimeda. Master Thesis of Kansas University, 2009


  • “One of the main objectives of MDCF data logger is to deterministically replay the scenarios whenever necessary.”
  • “In the existing MDCF, java.util.Logger is used to log the events.”
  • In this work, “Log4j framework is used as an underlining framework to log the incoming objects.”
  • Question: why is Log4j better than java.util.Logger? The reasons given in the paper or online do not seem very convincing: since Log4j has a larger user base and is more flexible.


  • “The previous version of MDCF is implemented using OpenJMS as its messaging broker.”
  • “The current version of MDCF uses ActiveMQ as JMS provider.”
  • Total logging vs. partial logging
    • “Each component makes use of the instance and the interface provided by the logger to send the messages. Only messages sent by the components are logged.”
    • “In total logging, every message on all topics created is logged. Messages to be logged are received directly from components and also from ActiveMQ.”


  • “Evaluation is done based on key parameters, topology and message size.”