A recent meme post has surfaced stating that the design of the newest edition of Chinese ¥50 RMB bills have taken into account of some TV characters based on one of Chinese traditional fiction–Journey to the West. The four main characters in the novel–XuanzangSun Wukong (Monkey King)Zhu Bajie, and Sha Wujing–have all been embedded into the design of the bill, as shown in the picture.

Journey to the West Characters on a Bill

More recently, another observation shows that the cartoon character kneeling worshiping rabbit’s design is based on a small section of the ¥100 RMB bill.

Worshipping Rabbit

True or false, this is a great idea for taking some happy coincidence into the design of an abstract logo, such as the one for this site, Pi Identity. The design is simply a letter π, but the curves are taken from existing materials from a bill note spliced together. Here is the site logo, can you guess from where the curves are taken?

Pi Identity Logo