This is another build / configure post here. Another MacPorts failure in building the rb-gnome module (which in turn depends on poppler, failing for me).

Here is a partial list of modules that MacPorts has failed me.

Installing the DBM Library

The process of installing DBM library is a standard procedure.

AR=ar ./configure
make install

The AR=ar fixes a weird error of the script which reports rucs: command not found (see this discussion). Googling rucs gets almost nothing, except that it thinks I am searching rush.

Installing the Ruby Binding

Compiling the Ruby binding files are also straightforward following the README file. Only one error reports “error: cast from ‘void*’ to ‘int’ loses precision”. Change int in Line 317 of the udbm.cpp file to intptr_t solves the problem, according to this StackOverflow discussion.

Unfortunately, the graphical features requires the rb-gnome module, which the official website refers to MacPorts, which fails.

Nonetheless, the binding seems to be working pretty well without the capability of doing the GUI.

Installing the Python Binding

This installation has been the smoothest. First grab the source of SWIG, compile and install, then build and install the Python Binding according to the README file.